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Why SmartForce?

To be successful while establishing operations in another country and culture, it is important to understand:

  • Doing business in another country very often, if not always, has differences in the way the local laws are enforced.  For that reason, SFM has the influence required in the countries we would consider establishing your operations in.  We have many years of experience that have been learned, sometimes the hard way.  This means quicker start-ups.  Saving time, disruption of product flow and judicious use of resources, resulting in cost savings.
  • The culture of the people is important to the success of any operation.  We have successful operations in the countries we do business in.  The people have a very strong work ethic but you must understand the culture.  We have witnessed, many times, when a company tries to start operation the way people are treated in other cultures.  We cannot stress how important it is to know how the people think and act.
  • SMART FORCE MANUFACTURING has the resources in the countries that are important for success.  We have trained people that speak the language and are formally educated in the latest, up to date manufacturing techniques including, Just-in-time Inventory Control, various methods of Statistical Process Control and up to date IT support.
  • SFM has resources available to move and operate the latest equipment required for manufacturing.  We know the people that manufacture the equipment and can establish preventive maintenance procedures that are followed.
  • There are times when asking your employees to train other people to ultimately replace them, their friends and family, doesn’t work.  We have people that are experienced in training people to do the work required.  At this point, it is important to stress that you may need to make hard decisions for the good of the whole organization.  This does have the effect of maintaining some jobs domestically while helping to assure the ongoing success of your company that competes in a world economy.
  • Customs rules and regulations are at the forefront of doing business successfully in other countries.  SFM has resources that are familiar with the customs regulation of the countries we do business in as well as the latest US laws and international agreements, such as, NAFTA, CAFTA-DR and the new Panama, Columbia and Korea trade agreement.
  • Logistics plays a huge part in cost savings in doing business off shore.  The Latin-American region has played an important roll in companies that are trying to remain competitive.  The time takes for your product to make it from production to the market is important to save money.  We are finding that rising cost in the Pacific-rim region is making it more attractive to do business in our region.  We have been successful in reducing the time products are intransient thus improving the profit margins.
  • That being said, we have representatives in the Pacific-rim region. When it makes since for your supply-chain to source from that area we can make sure you are getting what you pay for, when you require it, and at the very best price possible.