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Our Experience

  • Experience in building, starting up, and shutting down manufacturing facilities both in the domestic, Mexican, Central American, South American and Caribbean regions.
  • Developed supply chain for various materials and products in Pacific-rim countries.
  • Involved in policy procedures at a corporate level.
  • Directed budget determinations, executive hiring, goal setting and preparing forecasts.
  • Developed management teams that worked towards common goals.
  • Management teams were cross functional that included all areas of the organization.
  • Participated in political action committees dealing with The US Congress on business issues.
  • Served as advisor to several universities on domestic and international business issues.
  • Chemistry research and development.
  • Developed and implemented chemical processing procedures.
  • Worked in many countries around the world with machinery development.
  • Set up training programs for newly developed machinery.
  • Studied waste treatment of materials generated from operations of a plant returning the treated water to a natural stream.
  • Set up and operated a testing and development lab.
  • An experienced professional in all areas of operations including, manufacturing, finance, inventory control, distribution, logistics and international supply-chain management, with a reputation for judicious use of resources—and resulting cost containment. Worked in cross-functional teams that included marketing, sales, merchandising, and manufacturing.
  • Developed, implemented and monitored start-up projects until fully operational in Dominican Republic, Honduras, el Salvador, Nicaragua, Columbia, Mexico, and Pacific-rim countries, while moving US domestic operation to the region.
  • Has worked with many well recognized companies that include, Sara Lee Personnel Production Division, Hanes, Victoria Secrets, DYNK, Lorillard Tobacco, Crispy Cream, Scotland Corrugate, Rock-Tenn Alliance, Procter and Gamble, Black and Decker, Murray Lawnmower, Wal-Mart, Budweiser and Pepsi.
  • NAFTA: Private label Garment Company providing product design, decoration & complete garment packages from our factories in Alabama and Mexico. Clients included: Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, Harley Davidson, Coldwater Creek, Lands End, Orvis Company.